Pension and Investment Fund Management System


Keep all your customer information and fund management in one place
Calculate fund NAV with just few button clicks
Send customers order confirmations automatically after fund NAV calculation
Pension and investment fund management system is used widely for customer data management, fund portfolio management and fees calculation. NAV calculation and reporting from accounting records. All legally required reports are available in the systems: KIS-01, KIS-02, MAI55-SLIK, MAI55-SLIP, CRS-DAC2, FATCA, MMR-SASK, etc.


Customer management

Customer management includes but is not limited to: Customer personal data and communications (email, phone and postal address, other contact persons and their communications) Contract, AML questioner and other printouts by provided templates ID and other legally required documents can be stored in the system for easy access Notifications to customer can be send directly from the system. All notifications history is saved and available for preview anytime.
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Agreements and claims

Agreements and claims: System generated agreement and claim printouts, configurable by fund or customer type Customer can open accounts in different funds Claim types: buy, sell units, sell all, switch between subfunds. Payments automatically assigned to claims Customer receives notifications after issuing or selling fund units
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Fund management and NAV calculations

Fund management and NAV calculations: System supports different types of fund (multiclass, sub-funds) and NAV calculation periods (daily, monthly, manually selected). Fund portfolio contains different asset types (Equities, Bonds, Loans, Forwards, etc.) and currencies. There is option to enter asset operations or import and process them automatically. Portfolio value is recalculated automatically by price and currency rate changes. Fund fees are calculated using configurable formulas that can vary between funds or fund class. Bank statements – SEPA xml format statements can be imported into the system and automatically processed, assigned to contract/claim or certain booking operation Issuing or redeeming fund units – system automatically calculates fund (or class) unit price and issues certain amount of fund units according to contribution amount received or calculates payable amount to customer when fund unit sell operation is processed. Customer receives notifications after issuing or selling fund units. Monthly, quarterly or yearly reports can be send automatically from the system containing customer’s portfolio data. Many different reports are available in the system: Depository report that is used by all our clients to reconcile data with different bank depositories Fund portfolio report Accounting reports Payable amounts to customers or other funds report And all reports that are legally required by Lithuanian bank or tax office
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Existing integrations with: VSDF (SODRA) – customer and 2nd pillar contract data exchange, payment details LB – currency rate import (LB or ECB) VMI – reporting Swedbank, SEB – bank statements, e.invoice sending and response processing SmartID – registration, document signing with SmartID qualified signature Dokobit – registration, document signing with mobile signature TCG – SMS sending
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